Lima, you made it! You were able to find this secret page! I’m sorry that Ranunfo attacked you like this. He is resentful because I got to study secret massage techniques and he never did.

Ranunfo never intended to give you the code to allow you to escape the room. Fortunately, I managed to override his lock and replace the password to get out of the room. The new password is the most important day of my life. If you use that password, you can open the lock on the door and escape!

There is one thing that still bothers me though. I didn’t manage to find out anything about the locked cylinder. What could Ranunfo have hidden inside it? Could it be some form of revenge or torture he plans to unleash against me? If you think you have time to look into that before you escape, maybe this will help. I found it in Ranunfo’s notes:

If you are reading this message

It means my plan has failed

Bodi and Lima have faced my wreckage

And with love they prevailed

Inside the cylinder lies my revenge

To whoever uses it, I say airplane